Kevin is first and foremost a furniture designer who works in commercial & residential interior design. Kevin has worked for himself, other firms, and in collaboration with other designers on projects in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Cabo (Mexico). Kevin studied Industrial Design at Wentworth Institute of Technology (Boston) with select/related studies at Ontario College of Art & Design and Winnipeg Art Gallery. Kevin’s select training and work includes; furniture showroom representative, furniture fabricator & installer, CAD (and other design software) technician, and project management.

In another life, Kevin was an actor, writer, and producer in Film, TV, and Theatre. Select acting credits include; Seinfeld, Frasier, Newradio, Married with Children, and The Larry Sanders Show. And parallel to that life, Kevin assisted with the service, set-up, and design as well as client & event management for high-end caterers in Toronto, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. He has personally looked after the Clintons, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, John Travolta, Quentin Tarantino, a producer of “Friends”, and many others at private estates.

Kevin has a lifetime love affair with Art, Architecture, & Design. He was enrolled in all manner of art classes as a youngster, studied drafting in high school, reads books & trade magazines voraciously, explores other cultures through travel, attends theatre and film regularly, is an adventurous food lover, and enjoys a wide variety of musical styles and periods.

Kevin also pursues Fitness, Health & Wellness and is a News and Technology junkie.


2 comments on “KEVIN STEINBERG

  1. Hi Kevin, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. Your work is amazing! We’re in the midst of completing new properties and have just begun to post images on the RAXA Collective facebook page. No images yet for the restaurant at Spice Harbour (our hotel in historic Mattanchery, in Kerala) but stay tuned, because we have a feeling your love it! See you soon!

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