J Bernstein – Screenwriter

“It is my pleasure to offer an enthusiastic recommendation for Kevin Steinberg. He is very talented at furniture design, styling and consulting. He brings an intellectual curiosity, strong design aesthetic, sincere enthusiasm and buoyant personality to his work. He has a very well developed vision and level of taste. He excels at work involving contemporary and mid-century modern aesthetics with an eclectic/contemporary mix styles. Kevin is a force of nature, with an irrepressible personality and sense of humor that is instantly endearing. He brings laughter to the workplace, but it is Kevin’s character that I admire most. He deals with life’s twists and turns with true optimism and grace. It’s pretty inspiring.” (November 2012)

T Smith – VP Development, Reality Television, Production Company

“When I moved into my dream loft in downtown LA, I knew I’d need some reliable. An Interior Designer with the ability to transform a cold, cavernous 2,500 square foot, raw space into a plush and inviting “hipster pad” that reflected my tastes. Ultimately, I wanted an environment that was as warm, welcoming and comfortable as it was splashy, cool and colorful. I’m very happy and satisfied to say that Kevin nailed it! Utilizing some of my favorite pieces of furniture and art, Kevin took everything to the next level and turned my home into a place that was tasteful AND undeniably exciting. My consultations with Kevin were always productive and fun. He worked with me directly on deciding on the various color schemes of the living space and oversaw all the painting and furniture delivery/placement. I was also really impressed about his creative, sometimes out-of-the-box ways of how to make the most of the space with just the right pieces. He sourced and picked out all the big ticket furniture items and I was really pleased about how he landed some incredible deals along the way. Kevin also realized one of my grandest visions for the loft by stretching raw canvas all along the outer walls of my bedroom and commissioning a stunning, larger than life, eye-popping mural of the Incredible Hulk literally supporting the weight of the concrete beams running along the ceiling! Brilliant! My guests are blown away when they walk into the loft and witness how it’s evolved into one of the coolest places they’ve seen! Ultimately, in a just a few weeks, Kevin helped create a space that’s quickly become my favorite place to hang out and entertain. And one final thing, Kevin is also an amazingly creative floral designer. A perfect person to call if you’re having a theme party and want to completely transform your place. He can take $100 and make it look like a million bucks. Okay, I spent more than that LOL but you get the point. This past Halloween, he decked out my entire place with creepy and cool vintage decor in record time, making it a perfect place for entertaining. He’s meticulous, detail-oriented, friendly, bright, lots of fun to work with and I’d highly recommend him to anyone. He gets it.” (November 2012)

M Lukofsky – Public Speaker, Comedienne, Writer, Voice-Over Artist

“Kevin came to my aid when I was updating my beloved art deco condo. It was in need of a major facelift. On certain items, I know what I like and on things, I don’t. That’s where Kevin came and saved my sanity. He had a clear sense of what worked and what didn’t. All the while considering my needs & tastes and unique characteristics. When he took me shopping, he was knowledgeable about “what’s hot & what’s not”, always dispensing great advice along the way. Kevin’s also patient, fun to work with, accommodating to all tastes & styles. My condo still has my imprint, but it’s fabulously gone from blah to chic. I love coming home now and couldn’t have done the transformation without Kevin’s talents.” (October 2012)

D Fink – VP, Business/Platform Consultant, National Bank and also Artist & Website Designer 

“Kevin was great to work with as I was designing a makeover of a small space (10′ x 20′) that needed to have basically 5 functional areas: laundry area, storage, office, art space and work table. In the idea phase, Kevin was clear on my goal and we would bounce ideas back and forth, pros and cons which then led to the final concept. Kevin is upbeat, aware of the client’s needs and budget and creative.” Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative. (October 2012)

J Dickson – Producer, Television

“Kevin is very passionate about his work. He commits to every project with enthusiasm, care and dedication. He has a great eye for detail, combined with an ability to see the big picture and bring others on board with his vision. And he has a wicked sense of humor!” (August 2012)

E Rathbone – Interior Designer / Furniture Specialist, Corporate Interiors, National Chain

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin formerly, in the contract furniture world. He has a very positive attitude and is a determined and hard working individual. Customers love him, and he has a natural and easy way of communicating with everyone. With a witty sense of humor, he charms all he meets! Kevin would be a great asset to any project!” (December 2011)

K Brown – Coordinator, Commercial Interiors, National Chain

“Professionally, Kevin has the ability to provide a client with various solutions to design dilemmas and explain their “how’s” & “why’s”. He also has the talent, intelligence, and intuition for presenting the single best idea that will work best for his client and then deliver on it. He has great attention for detail and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the job is done completely and accurately. Kevin puts clients at ease by listening to their concerns and answering their questions without ever judging them because he is gracious, passionate and full of warmth and humor.” (March 2011)

J Springett – Flight Attendant, Air Canada & B Sinder – Lawyer

“Two years ago, we decided to do major kitchen and bath renovations in our home, which was built in 1988 and a friend of ours recommended Kevin very highly. From the time we were first introduced to Kevin until the renos were completed a few, short months later, Kevin always conducted himself in a very professional manner. We were also very impressed by his easy going style, attention to detail and respect for our wishes (even when they weren’t completely in sync with his own vision and style). For example, when Kevin first saw our more traditional and very dated kitchen, his vision was to contemporize it with stainless steel appliances, tile flooring, European style cabinets and an island (all tied in with the rest of the house). We loved his vision….but not for us. As soon as Kevin understood this, he was right on board with our ideas and wishes. Kevin sourced the best in traditional floors, cabinets, countertops and appliances. With Kevin’s professional help we have a brand new kitchen which the whole family and all of our guests love. Kevin was also an immense help with two bathroom renovations, updating everything in a contemporized, yet traditional style. We were always impressed with the trades people Kevin chose. They were always on time and most importantly, did quality workmanship. We are extremely happy with Kevin’s work and would highly recommend this creative and passionate young man to anyone. ” (November 2010)

M Meyers – Real Estate Agent

“Kevin was recommended to me by a colleague of mine, and at the time I required a very creative mind to stage a home that had very long, narrow, small rooms. Kevin & I met on site and he suggested on the spot how he to stage the home to get the biggest impact & wow factor. It was as if Kevin had staged the house before. Kevin’s suggestions were terrific & the end result was definitely a WOW factor! I would highly recommend Kevin, not only for his artistic flair, but his extremely reliability and added value to the job he performed. Kevin is a great communicator, open to suggestions, and works very well with everybody! Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative.” (November 2010)

D Slutchuk – Manager, Holt Renfrew

“I worked with Kevin Steinberg of Steinberg Design to redecorate my living room and dining room. That was from choosing paint colors, window coverings, furniture and accessories. I was ecstatic with the result. I am not the easiest person to work with as I am very indecisive, and do not commit to anything readily. Kevin was most patient, sourced out many options for me to choose from within my budget. He had an excellent rapport with owners and salespeople in the many stores and showrooms we visited. Kevin returned phone calls promptly, and was able to work around my schedule. I highly recommend Kevin as a designer…he delivers 110%!” (November 2010)

A Meyers – Film Director

“I had the honor of working with Kevin on my newly purchased condo and let me tell you, Kevin was a doll to work with. Not only did he get it but he did it in record time. I work in film where everything is needed yesterday and Kevin not only had it arrive yesterday but even the day BEFORE yesterday LOL. Let me tell you, the condo developers chose the cheapest kitchen possible and Kevin made it the chicest kitchen possible. I’m in love with my kitchen (as well as Kevin – but that’s another story!) LOL. Get him before he gets famous. And he’ll never be too expensive because whatever he charges will always be with it! Such a doll!” (December 2009)

J Sceeles – Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

“I needed a trade show display put together in a hurry after purchasing a last minute booth at the Toronto Home Show. Kevin sourced and supplied the furnishings, painted the back drop, delivered and constructed the components right on the site. He was a great help on short notice and the booth had exactly the casual chic vibe I was hoping for.” Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative. (October 2009)

L Penner – Design Consultant / Sales Associate, Major/High-End Home Furnishings Showroom

“Kevin is one of my most favorite people ever to work with. His ability to listen and capture his clients wishes, dreams and needs are top notch. With his impeccable design sense, his attention to detail and photographic memory Kevin really stands above everyone else. I also just love his sense of humor!” (December 2007)


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